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About As Nature Intended

As a woman we are all busy with life, being a wife, being a mother, being an employee, being a business owner, that we often forget to look after ourselves, take time for ourselves. As Nature Intended is the place where it’s all about YOU! It’s about your story, about your health, about your history and about your future. Amanda will listen to YOU, and support and guide you to achieve WELLNESS so you become a happier, healthier version of you.

As Nature Intended is just that – it’s about living a life as nature intended us to live. Amanda’s desire is to inspire people back to a natural and traditional way of life that promotes health and provides you with superior WELLNESS. Health and wellness are literally the root to happiness.

As Nature Intended is about your journey to WELLNESS. Like everyone, Amanda has had her own journey through ill health, as well as seeing disease in her loved ones. This has fueled her passion to share her knowledge and support many in the reversal and/ or prevention of illness.

Our world now is fast paced and busy and unfortunately our food and lifestyle choices have suffered due to our search for convenience. We are seeing chronic disease on the increase and we are watching our children line up for the inevitable. Amanda wishes to see a change in people’s choices so we can set a good example for our children and offer them wellness and a future they deserve.

This is not a treatment plan, it’s a life change. You can turn your life around, if only you turn your health around first.

As Nature Intended’s health philosophy embodies wholeness, treating your whole self within your whole lifestyle with whole food. It’s about getting back to Nature, back to our traditions, listening to our bodies, being happy mentally, improving all aspects of our lifestyle, and our reward will be HEALTH, WELLNESS, LONGEVITY AND HAPPINESS J

Health is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It is something we rely on for happiness and longevity. Here at As Nature Intended – IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!


My goal is for every woman… 

My goal is for every woman worldwide, to have a perfect period through correction of hormonal imbalances. Hormonal balance needs to occur within your reproductive system, your thyroid hormones and within the stress response in the body for you to be optimally healthy.