Naturopathy can include a range of natural therapies such as Herbal medicine, Nutritional medicine, homeopathy, iridology and massage to treat a person (YOU) as a whole. When we use the word ‘whole’ is sounds a bit fluffy, but what this means is, that all your symptoms are considered a part of your health story and investigating them all as a part of your illness or suboptimal health can give us clues as to the underlying cause.

Discovering and treating the underlying cause of your disease is the most important aspect of naturopathy. Without getting to the root cause and treating symptoms alone means that ongoing treatment is necessary for your feeling of health and wellness to continue.


Using herbal and nutritional medicine as mentioned above has amazing healing properties. They can be used to correct nutritional deficiencies, reduce inflammation, bring the body back into hormonal balance and this list can go on and on. But this is often only part of the picture. Everyday, we as humans make choices around our diet and lifestyle factors that can have a VERY positive or VERY negative impact on our health, but we take for granted just how big this impact can be. Ultimately, our main goal is to be the healthiest old person we can be, for without our health and quality of life, we can lose our enjoyment and happiness.

So, as a naturopath, an important step in every person’s healing process is removing all obstacles in ones diet and lifestyle choices that is likely hindering the healing and wellness process. Overtime, the better choices we make around what we put in our mouths and our daily lifestyle choices can literally change how we feel every day and provide the longevity we all take for granted.


This part of the process educates and empowers you with knowledge so you can take back responsibility for your own health, which is where it belongs. And when we start to take notice of how our choices affect our health, we become more motivated with this new way of life and become our own experts of our bodies.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that gets you on the path to health quicker. Your health and well being require your commitment to the journey of removing all obstacles to healing, making changes to your diet and lifestyle and taking the prescribed herbal or nutritional supplements that will all restore your body to health. The hard work is done by you, with the assistance of your naturopath, and your reward = a healthier and happier life.


During the first consult a full case history is taken, which addresses your own health history, your family health history and currently what is happening for you in every system of your body. This along with blood tests, possible functional pathology testing, diet diary tracking, menstrual cycle tracking and more, can help put the pieces of the puzzle together to assess the underlying cause.

For women who live locally, face-to-face consults are an option. However, Skype consultations offer convenience so distance and travel time is no longer a problem. The same treatment, advice and care is received in the comfort of your home or office.


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