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21 JulWhy Do You Suffer PMS – PMS Symptoms and the Causes

PMS Symptoms and 6 Likely Causes of PMS After a few Google searches, it seems quite a common response to say the…

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20 JulYou Don’t Have To Live With PMS Anymore – Part 1

The Statistics and the Diagnosis Why, when so many women are affected with PMS do we not take it more seriously?…

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What women should know about The Pill

08 FebWhat Women Should Know series – Part 5. THE PILL IS NOT A SOLUTION FOR YOUR PERIOD PROBLEMS

Are You On The Pill? And, do you know what its doing to your body? Women should know… The Pill is…

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The 2 phases of your period cycle

08 FebWhat Women Should Know Series – Part 2. THE PHASES OF YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE

So, you’re all experts on your Period cycle (aka menstrual cycle) now after reading ‘What women should know – part 1. And…

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What Women Should Know about their menstrual cycle - Part 1

08 FebWhat Women Should Know Series – Part 1. HOW YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE WORKS

Ok ladies, I’m sure we’ve all done sex education at school and learnt a little about our menstrual cycle. We should…

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20 AugHow does AS NATURE INTENDED compare with the Best Naturopaths in Wollongong

Finding the best naturopath for you is like finding that perfectly fitting bra. It has to have the right fit around…

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Healthy food to eat

12 JanFoods to Eat – Foods to avoid

Healthy food these days is confusing. For years we have been fed information that saturated fats are bad, the low-fat foods…

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Health benefits of bone broth

07 DecBone Broth – Recipe and Benefits

Traditional diets would include the whole animal and this art has been lost today. They would cook with and eat the…

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health benefits of fermented food

02 OctThe Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are transformed from their raw form by a process called lacto-fermentation. Lacto-fermentation is a microbial process using beneficial bacteria,…

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Amanda Howe

18 SepHow I came to be a Naturopath

December 1996, one last stop before I returned to Australia after 2 years abroad. Thailand! I signed up for a 10-day…

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