We specialise in hormone health at As Nature Intended. Hormones affect everything from digestion, to skin, metabolism, thyroid, stress levels, weight gain or loss, heavy periods, period pain –  you name it!

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The root to all health is healthy digestion. Dysfunction in the gastrointestinal tract will have a negative impact on immune system health, mood, detoxification, energy levels, thyroid function, and health on all levels. So Healthy, Happy Hormones require a healthy digestive system and addressing dysfunction or disease in the gastrointestinal tract is of prime importance. LEARN MORE


We have achieved excellent results with patients by identifying their individual contact, food and stress triggers, and creating a personalized treatment plan that provides long-term relief, and symptom-free skin. LEARN MORE


The thyroid hormones are so critical to overall health as they affect the way in which your body metabolises food and nutrients and turns them to energy. Some women suffer from hypothyroid symptoms but pathology does not yet indicate disease is present, or there is an auto-immune process which is occurring. This auto-immune condition is destroying the thyroid but not yet enough to warrant medication. Naturopathy can have the greatest impact at this step, to correct the immune dysfunction and destruction of the thyroid gland itself, which ultimately will see an improvement of symptoms while addressing the cause. LEARN MORE


We all know what if feels like to feel stressed. And we all suffer from stress daily: sitting in traffic, working in stressful situations, deadlines, paying bills, difficult relationships, challenging children and the list goes on. But what people don’t realise is how the body produces a stress response to things such as: bad diet, insulin resistance, irregular blood sugar balance, food intolerances, illness of every kind. When the body is constantly sending out stress hormones to help your body cope, this system eventually tires and it takes down all the other hormonal systems; such as thyroid hormones and sex hormones. LEARN MORE


Be happy, healthy and Sexy. Achieve everything you desire by achieving an ideal body weight with the support you need. LEARN MORE[/vc_column_text]


As Nature Intended is a health clinic for women. It is a place where women come for guidance and support and a treatment plan that can turn their life around by correcting hormonal imbalance that leads to many life-disrupting complaints. LEARN MORE

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