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One of the most common causes of many of health issues that patients present is poor nutrition, and after years of one-on-one work with her patients, Amanda realised that there had to be a simpler way to assist more people to make the right food choices – and PHASE3 was born.

The program is 100% gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Each meal includes a healthy balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and consists foods that are real, whole and from the earth (or grazes from it). Each members plan is customised individually for them based on their activity level, goal, height, weight and gender. The meals are designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer and reduce those cravings that will-power just can’t ignore.

Each week, members receive a brand new meal plan, with new recipes and an easy-to-print shopping list. There is also a free members iPhone and Android app, so you can have on-the-go access to your plan and recipes.

Improved health is our number one goal and PHASE3 is not a weight loss program, but many people do find that when they fuel their bodies properly, weight-loss is a welcome side-effect.


In a sense, PHASE3 is like an elimination diet. Phase 1 removes a large selection of foods and as you move through the phases, you are able to methodically add foods back in and start to notice how they make you feel. Your body is the best testing ground and Phase 1 is a great set point.The 3 phases are designed to train you to eat in a way that is healthy, delicious, sustainable and maintainable forever.

Phase 1:  This phase offers fast health results, which can include drastically lowering your blood sugar and insulin levels, maximising fat burning potential and reducing your cravings by switching your predominant fuel source from glucose to ketones. We recommend following this phase for at least four weeks, but no more than eight.

Phase 2: This phase focuses on natural healthy food where high-quality protein is the hero, with a moderate amount of healthy fats and additional carbohydrates such as vegetables from above and below the ground and a selection of fruits. Your body uses glucose as its preferred source of energy again, but after Phase 1 your insulin levels have improved and your blood sugars have reduced so your body is better able to cope with glucose metabolism. You should stay on Phase 2 for approximately 4 weeks.

Phase 3: The focus in this phase is the same as Phase 2, but with added carbohydrates from anti-inflammatory and gluten-free grains. Here you will be able to enjoy foods like rice and white potatoes again without feeling guilty. The emphasis when introducing these foods again, is always, always, always consume carbohydrates with good quality fats and proteins so your blood sugar levels don’t cause high insulin or resistance again. These foods can absolutely be a healthy part of a diet and what’s more, Phase 3 is designed to be a way of eating that you can adopt FOREVER.



If you properly follow each phase it will take you 12-weeks to complete, which is why we have created a special 12-week plan, that gives you the last 4-weeks free.

For those who can’t commit for 12-weeks, we have a 4-week plan which you can cancel at any time. You can select this plan and use Phase One like a detox for four weeks, before reintroducing your normal foods. However, we recommend that you reintroduce dairy and gluten to your diet slowly and separately, so you can monitor for adverse effects. You may find that you have a negative reaction to one or both of these, and should follow a dairy or gluten-free diet indefinitely.