Women should know… that vaginal discharge is normal and healthy and suggests ovulation is approaching

Women should know…. That we’re only fertile for 6 days every month and this occurs around ovulation.

Do You Know when Ovulation occurs?

I am constantly surprised at how many women are not aware of their fertility window. I guess I shouldn’t be though, we live in a world where teenage girls, and women, are prescribed the Pill for a whole range of period problems and it seems a common thing that women believe it’s the only method of contraception.

I have seen it all, from a woman with three kids who thought you ovulated when you had your period to women who are trying to fall pregnant by having sex every second day (ALWAYS) to women who are not having sex much at all and hoping to fall pregnant.

And then of course, the women who don’t want to fall pregnant. Many of which use the Pill as contraception as they have never been taught any different.

So, many women are shocked to hear that you are only fertile for 6 days of every cycle. Doesn’t really make sense then to take synthetic hormones (The Pill) that stop pregnancy every day now, does it?

YOU can be taught to identify this 6 days and the best thing is that your body tells you every single month.

Start taking notice of your bodies signs that indicate ovulation

Ever noticed a discharge from your vagina that appears a few days after your period. This is your known as your cervical fluid (or cervical mucous) and this is produced in response to rising oestrogen in your follicular phase (now that you know what that is, wink).

Some types of cervical fluid are more fertile than others and the reason for its fertility is that some types of cervical mucous provide an environment for sperm that nourishes them and helps their transportation to the egg in the fallopian tubes. Sperm can live in cervical mucous for up to 5 days.

The day of ovulation comes and the sperm has 12-24 hours to fertilise the egg before it disintegrates.

So this in total is about 6 days, 5 days prior to ovulation and the day of ovulation are your fertile days or your fertility window.

Tracking this information can take some time to feel comfortable with using this method for contraception. But you don’t need to do this alone, Amanda Howe’s book “Know Your Flow” is available to help make you the expert of your menstrual cycle. Click here for more information about the “Know Your Flow” book.

Love Your Flow,

Amanda xx