ferment-foods-2016Ferment Your Food – the way Nature Intended

Traditional cultures around the world have been fermenting food for centuries. We know today there are many health benefits, but due to changes in our lifestyle we are moving towards commercial fast foods and the art of fermentation is being lost.

Amanda Howe from As Nature Intended will inspire you to bring back the art of fermentation and along the way reap the many health benefits. In this 3-hour workshop you will learn about the health benefits of lacto-fermentation and how to make 7 fermented delights.

  • Cultured beverages – Kombucha & water kefir
  • Cultured vegetables – spiced beetroot, curried carrots and sauerkraut
  • Cultured condiments – tomato sauce & mayonnaise

When:      TBC

Where:     TBC

Cost:         $95 – includes your own take-home ferment from the day and a workbook including all recipes and handy hints

For information about the health benefits of fermented foods click here.




Secret Women’s Business

Women’s Health – the way Nature Intended

As a woman you are so busy with life – being a wife, being a mother, being a friend, being an employee, being a business owner – that I bet you often forget to look after yourself and take time for yourself.

Also, as women, we often feel that we are alone and just have to cope with this “Secret Women’s Business”. This is NOT the case.

As you consider now if a Naturopath can help you turn your health around let me ask you two questions:

•    How would your life change if that time of the month was seamless, balanced and healthy?

•    Would you like to join a community of women just like you in the search for better hormonal health?

Meet with our expert Women’s Health Naturopath for a Secret Women’s Business workshop and let us help you to:

•    Understand the process of hormone production and why things go wrong

•    Gain an understanding of oestrogen metabolism and the importance of certain foods and nutrients that affect this.

•    Eat the right foods for healthy hormones and a better menstrual cycle.

•    Realise the poor eating habits that are contributing to hormonal imbalance and period problems.

•    Make everyday lifestyle changes that will improve your hormonal health and give you a ‘normal’ period.

•    Meet other women who understand your pain and join a community so you no longer suffer in secret

•    Make time for yourself, for your health and for your happiness.

This workshop is the beginning of your journey to health and a way to free yourself from your unbalanced hormones – so why wait any longer?

At the end of this workshop you will walk away with 10 ways to improve your hormonal health by making simple dietary and lifestyle changes – you will be empowered to take back control of your health and be free from the symptoms that debilitate you each month.

Workshops happen each month; alternating between Port Kembla and Kiama. Each month, places are limited.

To reserve your place for the Port Kembla workshop, click here
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To reserve your place for the Kiama workshop, click here
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Healthy Lunchboxes – the way Nature Intended

Healthy Lunchboxes – the way Nature Intended is a hands-on, practical workshop to learn how to feed your kids healthy, nutritious and tasty lunchbox food that will support their physical and mental health growth and development, strengthen their immune system and improve energy levels!

Amanda Howe from As Nature Intended will be inspiring you to make healthier food choices for your children by…

•    Gain insight into the importance of correct nutrition to support your child’s energy levels and optimal health

•    Discover common foods that should be avoided/ reduced due to their negative health impact

•    Receive recipes that are healthy and nutritious and can be included into your child’s lunchbox

•    Watch a demonstration and be included in the making of all recipes received

When: TBA

Where: Alchemy Health, 196 Mount Keira Rd, Mt Keira

Cost: $60 – includes tasting plate of all demonstrations

This is not a food pyramid health talk, it is more like nutrition outside of the box. Come along and discover foods that you and your children are consuming that are damaging to your health and most importantly WHY they are damaging. This is not mainstream nutritional advice, but you will learn why the mainstream nutritional advice is not working for the population and chronic disease is on the rise. Here you will learn to make simple changes that will improve the health of your whole family.

You will experience 7 recipes being demonstrated, taste test another 5 and walk away with 12 recipes to make the next day. The foods you will see demonstrated are nutrient-dense, protein-rich alternatives to sandwiches and packaged food we so regularly see in lunch boxes. As well as the recipes you will be given a wealth of information about real food and Amanda will answer all your WHY questions, so its easier to implement the WHAT!