Naturopath for Women’s Health

  • Mission

    Amanda’s passion is to empower women to take back the responsibility for their health, to gain the knowledge about their hormonal cycle and to make better choices as individuals about food and lifestyle. Above anything, Amanda wishes to change the way women feel about themselves, giving them back self worth, self care and self love.

  • Method

    Amanda incorporates the use of herbal medicine, nutritional therapies, food as medicine and lifestyle counselling to get optimum results for each of her patients. Making dietary and lifestyle changes can be difficult to implement in our busy lives, that’s why Amanda involve you in the process and together set realistic and achievable changes, for lasting results. It’s the lasting results that become the most important part in your health care journey, as this is the power of prevention.

  • History

    Amanda Howe is a qualified Naturopath with experience in the areas of women’s hormonal health, infertility, natural pregnancy care and natural thyroid management.


My goal is for every woman… 

My goal is for every woman worldwide, to have a perfect period through correction of hormonal imbalances. Hormonal balance needs to occur within your reproductive system, your thyroid hormones and within the stress response in the body for you to be optimally healthy.