Welcome to the As Nature Intended Clinic

Our home clinic in Kiama offers a space for women where they are the priority (for a change!). Skype consultations are also available, make sure you choose the Skype consultations if you’re not able to make it in person.

  • Monday 9:30am – 2pm
  • Tuesday: 9:30am – 2pm & 4pm-7:30pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30am – 2pm
  • Thursday: 9:30am – 2pm & 4pm-7:30pm
  • Friday: 9:30am – 2pm


We specialise in hormone health which affect everything from digestion, to skin, metabolism, thyroid, stress levels, weight gain or loss, heavy periods, period pain – you name it!
While our primary focus is on the following conditions please use the Contact form to send us a message about your condition and we’ll do our best to help.

Our goal is for you to live your happiest, healthiest life, so make an appointment today!