PHASE 3: $74 3-Month Plan (Now 50% off)


PHASE 3: $74 3-Month Plan (Now 50% off)

$74.00 $37.00

Everything you need to plan healthy meals.

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    Amanda has designed a meal plan that is suitable for most people, and can help solve many health issues.

    There are 3 different meal phases for you to choose from based on your health problems, your health goals and your lifestyle.

    • Phase 1:  Ketogenic
    • Phase 2: Paleo
    • Phase 3: Paleo + extra carbs (anti-inflammatory grains, legumes and starchy veg)

    All phases eliminate processed and refined foods, all are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and all focus on food from the earth. The Phases are designed to retrain your body towards a healthy eating pattern of 3 meals a day, with 1 snack if needed. They are designed to keep you feeling fuller for longer and reduce those cravings that will-power just can’t ignore.

    The 3 phases cater for success and allow you to move between them so you can see what is the best fit for you, your health and your lifestyle.

    Choosing which phase suits you best will depend on your current health issues and what you are trying to achieve. Starting with Phase2 is a good option for most but can be too restrictive (not enough starchy carbs) for some. If you find you’re on the wrong phase, changing it is as simple as the click of a button at the end of each week.

    The 3 phases are all about finding the best fit for you personally and having flexibility within your eating plan so it can be maintained long-term.

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